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Weight 3.5 kgs
Product Dimensions 17.40 inch x 11.16 inch x 3.85 inch (L x B x H)
What is in the box? A6 Gurugita, Ganga Jalam & Udarni, Wooden Dhyana sloka book, Incense Sticks and perfume.


A6 Gurugita Wooden Dhyana Sloka Book  - Know more about the Guru —  the perceptor, the incarnation of the Supreme, who lifts man from the ocean of endless miseries, and leads him on the right path — the path towards Self-realization. Compiled by Maharishi Vyasa, this timeless ancient treatise expounds on the greatness of the Guru as well as the ways and means to worship and serve him with utmost devotion. A mini booklet containing a Dhyana Sloka and fascinating information about the book The Gurugita Gift set contains Ganga Jalam & Udarni Lavender Incense.

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