The Yoga-sutra Of Patanjali A6 Book With Wooden Box

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Discover the profound wisdom of Maharṣi Patañjali's Yoga-Sutras, offering invaluable insights for spiritual seekers. Our meticulously crafted A6 Size book, housed in an antique-styled wooden box, showcases exquisite artistry while providing protec...tion and elegance. At Tatva Yog, we honor yoga's universal teachings, offering authentic insights through our commitment to editorial excellence and rigorous research by our esteemed panel of Sanskrit scholars, preserving the essence of these sacred texts.
Product Overview
  • Item Form
  • Product Benefits
    Increase Spirituality
  • Product Length
    14.5 Cm
  • Weight
    850 Gm
  • Height
    4.5 Cm
  • Width
    18.5 Cm
  • Dimension
    14.5 x 4.5 x 18.5
  • Include
    The Yoga-sutra Of Patanjali A6 Book, Exquisite Wooden Box, Laser-cut metal bookmark.


The Yoga-sutra Of Patanjali A6 Book with Wooden Box offers a gateway to spiritual exploration in a beautiful way. Discover what awaits you within this exquisite set:

  • The Yoga-sutra Of Patanjali A6 Book: This edition features the Yoga-sutra Of Patanjali in an A6 size, making it an ideal travel companion. Tuck it into your bag or backpack, and ensure you have access to timeless wisdom wherever you go.
  • Exquisite Wooden Box: The Yoga-sutra Of Patanjali book finds its perfect home nestled within a meticulously crafted wooden box. This beautiful enclosure elevates your book to a cherished companion. The natural wood finish complements the spiritual significance of the text, creating a sense of tradition and timeless elegance.
  • Laser-cut metal bookmark: With each turn, this bookmark will accompany you, enhancing your connection to the divine revelations within.


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