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Tatva Dhoop Sticks - 3 Pack Jainism Gift Box

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Tatva Yog Jainism Dhoop sticks are crafted and set on the important tenets of Jainism Ahimsa – Non Violence, Aparigraha – Non-Possessiveness, and Anekantavada – Many-Sidedness or Multiple Aspects. The fragrances of the 3 Jainism dhoop st...icks set within the pack reminds one of the most simple yet sound values of the Jain dharma. Ahimsa Dhoopstick The Ahimsa dhoop stick with its gentle notes of Sandalwood evokes a calm over the senses. It steadily readies the mind for peaceful invocations of the Divine. Aparigraha Dhoopstick The Aparigraha dhoop stick emits soft notes of Saffron petals to create an ambient sacred aura. It sets the tone for the time to embrace the Divine, devoid of any worldly thoughts. Anekantavada Dhoopstick The Anekantavad dhoop stick true to its essence is a combination of Sandal and Saffron. The mixed notes of the two fragrances remind us of the many aspects of reality and that embracing each one leads to peaceful co-existence in the universe
Product Overview
  • Item Form
    Dhoop Sticks
  • Scent
    Ahimsa Dhoopstick,Anekantavada Dhoopstick,Aparigraha Dhoopstick
  • Product Benefits
    Rejuvenating, Increase Spirituality, Relaxation, Purifying Air, Refreshing, Sweet Fragrance, Calming Effect
  • Item Length
    20.2 Centimeters
  • Weight
    500 Gm
  • Height
    2 Cm
  • Width
    9.5 Cm
  • Dimension
    29 x 2 x 9.5
  • Color


Crafted in alignment with the profound tenets of Jainism—Ahimsa, Aparigraha, and Anekantavada—our Jainism Dhoop Sticks bring the essence of these values to life. The Ahimsa Dhoop Stick, with its gentle Sandalwood notes, instills a sense of calm for peaceful invocations. Aparigraha Dhoop Stick, emitting soft Saffron petal notes, creates an ambient sacred aura, guiding you to embrace the Divine free from worldly thoughts. The Anekantavada Dhoop Stick, a harmonious blend of Sandal and Saffron, signifies the many aspects of reality, promoting peaceful co-existence in the universe. Elevate your spiritual journey with this 3-pack Jainism Gift Box, embodying the simplicity and wisdom of Jain Dharma.



How are dhoop sticks different from incense sticks?
Explain the distinctions between dhoop sticks and traditional incense sticks in terms of composition and use.

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