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Dhoop Sticks

Bring home the extravagance of dhoopsticks, tastefully crafted with a unique blend of ingredients that invoke sacred energies and summon divine grace.

Incense Sticks

Premium hand rolled, single-toned, natural masala incense in five select essential, Indian aromas.


Etched with the mystical geometries of the Gods, a yantra represents divine energies. Worshipping and meditating on a yantra bestows i...



Receive divine knowledge with exclusive art editions. Bhagvad Gita Gurugita Guft Set Hanuman Chalisa Sundarakhand Patanjali Yoga Sutra...



Choose from a collection of finely curated idols. Ideal to give as gifts or to keep for yourself.

Radiate positivity with the uplifting scent. From incense sticks to other various spritual products, explore our bestsellers.

Our Story

Tatva, which means Elements and Yog, which refers to Union with the One, is our attempt to bring together all the elements and symbols under one roof.

TatvaYog brings India and its rich spiritual heritage closer to those who have moved to distant shores or set up their world where the guidance of elders is not always readily available.
Celebrating Indian Tradition
100% Authentic
Traditional Craftmanship
Premium Quality
Chemical Free
Locally Sourced

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Eternal Blessing - Incense Stick ( Sahas...

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Experience luck, knowledge and divine blessings with ince...

Incense Sticks

Adishakti - Incense Stick

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Bring home the primordial power with these specially crea...

Incense Sticks

Shivohum - Incense Stick

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Calm the angry One. Light a stick in the incense burner a...

Incense Sticks

Tatva Yog - Eka - Jasmine Handcrafted An...

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Eka Tatva Yog’s premium edition, natural and handcr...

Incense Sticks

Tatva Yog - Eka - Sandal Handcrafted And...

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Eka Tatva Yog’s premium edition, natural and handcr...

Incense Sticks

Bhagavad Gita A9 English - Pocket Editio...

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 Discover the true essence of the Bhagavad Gita, unc...


Iconic Offerings

India’s Renowned Spiritual Brand of Premium & Handcrafted Product Range

Pooja Kit

Pooja Kit

Packed inside are the purest items to ensure your puja rituals are done to perfection. Find every significant puja element packed reverently and organized appropriately.

Decorate you puja ‘thali’ with these puja essentials and set yourself for a deeply devotional experience.

Image 1
Image 2
Image 3

Corporate Gifting

Inspired by ancient Vedic tradition, the range of creative spritual products is perfect for personal and corporate gifting. The gifts infuse homes and work spaces with spritual vibrations, attract abundance and positive energy and bring divine protection and grace.

Tatva Yog believes in making corporate gifting special for each of its clients and provide unique gifting solutions that befit occasions seamlessly. The premium quality and natural products enable these gift sets to be potential corporate gifting solution as well.

Festive Gifting

Festive Gifting

Tatva Yog love festivals as they are the core of all its offerings. The brand creates assorted festival gifts sets that are unique and reflect the traditional nuance of each festival. Choose one-of-a-kind festive gifts from the house of Tatva Yog for your loved ones and make every festival memorable.


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