Additional information
Weight 390gms
Height 1.8cm
Width 25.5cm
Length 29.5cm
Product Dimension (L x B x H) in inches 0.3 x 0.3 x 20.2 cm
Material Wood
Color Brown

Aastha 4 Pack Incense Sticks

An alluring gift set of 4 delightful incenses inspired by Aastha or ‘Faith’.
The beautiful gift set has a handpicked selection of incense sticks in two fragrances of Gods – Suryavanshi Ram and Veer Hanuman, the Lord and his Ultimate devotee.
The two fragrances of God are befittingly set together with the fragrances of the chakras. Sacred Aura represents the Swadhisthana Chakra and Radiating Power represents the Manipura Chakra.
The Aastha Gift set lets you experience 4 powerful fragrances. Begin your meditation, puja rituals or light them up at sunrise or sunset. Spread the fragrance of your faith.
Inside the Gift Pack:
Suryavanshi Ram – 30 incense sticks pack
Veer Hanuman – 30 incense sticks pack
Sacred Aura – 30 incense sticks pack
Radiating Power – 30 incense sticks pack

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  • Price:₹750.00