Additional information
Finish Polished Lacquer
Weight 250 grams
Height 12.5 cms
Width 7.5 cms
Length 7.5 cms
Product Dimension (L x B x H) in inches 2.95 x 2.95 x 4.92 inches
Material Copper

Bimala Copper Tumbler

According to Ayurveda water stored in copper vessels has the ability to balance the three doshas in our body - Vita, Kapha and Pitta. It also has numerous health benefits because of its anti inflammatory and antioxidant properties. The Bimala copper tumbler has been designed with an aim of providing traditional wellness products in a modern context.  It is hand ribbed pure copper with a polished finish.

Store your water in this Vessel by the bedside or workplace and remember... drink one or two Vessels of water every day!

  • Product Code:HSN: ASHHC1019 / 7418
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  • Price:₹1,399.00