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Weight 386 gms
Product Dimensions 4.2cm x 11cm x 13.6cm ( L x W x H )
What is in the box? • High quality cloth cover • Printed wooden case • Foil stamped • Round back • Spine embossed • Gilt edged pages • Swarovski Crystals

Hanuman Chalisa Book With Wooden Box -Slide Opening A7

A devotional hymn dedicated to Lord Veer Hanuman, written by Tulsidas Gowswami, the Hanuman Chalisa is known to be a powerful text. It can dispel and dissolve negativity. Reading the Hanuman Chalisa lends the individual different merits and also leads to liberation from suffering.

This powerful book comes in a beautiful wooden box that slides open.

It depicts the personality nuances of Lord Hanuman and his adventurous inspiring life. Visual depictions are inspired by the Ajanta frescoes, paintings of Vijayanagra, Bengal and Mysore.

Written in English the book, the Hanuman Chalisa is written in its original Awadhi language and translated in Hindi and English. Reading it is a meaningful experience.

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