Our story

The world has always looked up to India as its spiritual guide. Perhaps, the fact that India has been the oldest continuous civilization might have something to do with it. Or it could well be our gifts of Yoga, Ayurveda and Vedas to the modern world. The timeless wisdom of the sages has provided answers to the truth seekers from every corner of the world. At Tatva Yog, we do our research meticulously and give you – material, metaphysical, spiritual products and often enough, also revealing answers.


‘Tatva’ means element and ‘Yog’ is Union with God. It is believed that humans emanate from the Panch Tatva (Five Elements) namely Earth (physical existence), Water (emotions and creativity), Fire (mental power), Air (relationships) and Ether (higher self). It is the balance of these five elements that leads to Healing, Success and Self-empowerment. With a vision of connecting with God through the Panch Tatva, Tatva Yog has launched a wide range of spiritual products and Vedic Puja services. Tatva Yog is rooted in India’s rich spiritual heritage and aspires to facilitate the spiritual growth of customers by furnishing unique, handcrafted, and premium range of products and services. Come, dive deep into the mystical world of Indian spirituality and explore your heritage with inspired creations from Tatva Yog. Explore our collection of gift sets that have been put together for personal and corporate use.


This venture is a collaboration between two women entrepreneurs who are inspired by Indian spirituality and have come together to make it easily accessible to the broader community, especially the younger generation.
The promoters are:

Falguni Sheth

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Falguni is a BA in Psychology from Mumbai University. She brings a keen eye for Indian art, aesthetics and spirituality. She has helped curate a select collection of products for Tatva Yog. She has over two decades of travel experience in sourcing indigenous artisanship across the country. Her home exhibits passionate and handpicked collection of exquisite artifacts that represent the most unique combination of tranquility and devoutness.

Dimple Sampat

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The promoter of a successful export business, Dimple was attracted to Indian spirituality through her Grandmother, a deeply spiritual person. She has an MBA in Marketing from the Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS).