Tatva Yog - Eka - Kewra Handcrafted and Natural Masala Incense Sticks (Pack of 30 Sticks)

Eka Tatva Yog’s premium edition, natural and handcrafted masala incense sticks carry the traditional fragrances of India. They are made in 5 select essential oil aromas that aim you bring you closer to the eternal divinity and stir a sense of calm that evoke the experience of being one with it. Eka incense sticks embody the qualities of purity and devotion. Discover eternal peace with Eka. Kewra Made with the aroma of the lush green kewra. This Eka variant carries the honeyed aroma of the Ganjam Kewra. Its fruity-floral and crisp, single note has a unique scent that fills any space with calm serenity. Its simplicity is what makes it special.

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